I see you have discovered the hosting section of Lindsiria.net. This section of my website is dedicated towards people who have an interest in making their own website who cannot afford to buy their own server. I also have a list of tutorials and plugins for certain forums that I have created to make everyones life a little easier and more creative. So, go ahead, look around.

May 13, 2013 -

Summer break has begun! I actually have time to do coding requests and commissions. E-mail me if you are interested. If you are looking for lovely graphics, go to my friend Ink DA Page and request!

February 26, 2013 -

My school decided it would be a brilliant idea to block my website, so for the last couple weeks I had no access to it. Luckily I just got this fixed! I just updated lindsiria and added new affilates and the new donation button (finally!).

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E-mail: lindsey@lindsiria.net
Skype: moonlightdream55

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Msn: you.love.lindsey.yay@hotmail.com
Yahoo: kitten1club

About Me!

My name is Lindsey. I am a 20 year old university student majoring in computer science. While I was born in Seattle, Washington, I am currently studying in a small town South of Lexington, Kentucky. I love hanging out with my friends and traveling. So far, I've managed to go to 7 countries (including the Amazon rainforest in Peru, and the islands of Greece) and over 20 states. I want to go to so many places, just gotta earn the money. Lindsiria.net is a place where I can store anything I wish and mess around with. I also love Harry Potter, writing and graphic design. Want to know more about me? Check out my blog. Lindsaurus.Lindsiria.net

About Lindsiria.net

Lindsiria.net is a relatively new site. Started in November 2010, it was made to be a blog as well as a site to provide subdomains for other people. I have quite a few people as hostees, but none of the sites have opened to the public at the moment. I offer IPB and MyBB to the public and I try to help my hostees if they need too. Being a computer science major and wanting to practice my PHP and MySQL, I have been creating tutorials for IPB 1.3 and plugins for MyBB.


Wanting a place to build your own site that is both simple and ad-free? Well look no further. Lindsiria offers many people the opportunity to build the website they have always wanted.

What You Get

  • - 1 subdomain (name.lindsiria.net)
  • - 1 MYSQL Database
  • - 1 FTP account
  • - 1 Invision Powerboard 1.3 or 2.3, SM, PHPBB or MyBB
  • - 1 e-mail (name@lindsiria.net)


Over 70% of my hostees never open their sites to the public. It is a waste of my website's space and my time, because of this I am implementing a new policy. To become one of my hostees, you must prove you will be active. You can do this by showing me a website you own that is thriving and you wish to move or by paying a 10 dollar one time only charge that shows me you are determined to open your site. The money will go directly to paying for my hosting package. Of course, there may be other methods to prove or circumstances to why you cannot pay and are welcome to e-mail me. Please also read my Terms of Service.


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Basic Knowledge

All the above tutorials will require access to the FTP. To access your FTP you need your host name(commonly the main website address. ex: lindisira.net), your FTP username and the FTP password. If you do not have any of these, ask your host.

Not finding it?

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Affilates and Links

Hosting Elsewhere

If my hosting is closed or you are not accepted, here are a few other sites you may inquire about hosting.
lunarlore.net - owned by Lizzy
moral-lock - owned by Tara
midnightfable - owned by Shadow
victus-rpg - owned by Tempest
bottled-muse - owned by Katie
saperlie.com - owned by Kat
emnhosting.com - owned by Aashni
aurial.net - owned by Leah
East of Paradise - Owned by Jester
Lysithean - Owned by Lycisca


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