Terms of Service

By requesting any services from Lindsiria.net, you are agreeing to follow the conditions of the ToS below. If you do not follow these services, your site potentially could be deleted.

- If the hosted material is a forum, the domain owner will have the first registered account on the forum and keep root admin duties. This is because the domain owner can troubleshoot if anything goes wrong as well as make backups of the forum.

- The domain owner has the right to ask the hostee to remove information in certain cases, though would rarely do so. If the site owner does not remove the requested information, the domain owner can delete it.

- The hostee has three months from the day of creation to open up the website or show that it is being used. If there is a situation that arises, please contact the domain owner and explain. The domain owner will contact the hostee if the site becomes unactive or is wasting space, and if the hostee does not respond the site will be deleted.

- Hostees are responsible for reporting inactivity and/or closure of their hosted area. Hostees can request backups of their materials.

- The domain owner normally does not have time to make layouts or do major edits to a site, once the site is created, it is in the hostees hands.

- Hostees are required to display a button that links back to Lindsiria on the main index of their website/forum.